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Computer Leasing

Fueled for Business leasing by North Bay Computer Doctors


 Powerful businesses need powerful equipment. Fueled for Business leasing from Computer Doctors. helps you acquire the technology you need today.** 

Lease Programs are a staple of IT financing. More and more companies are discovering the many advantages:


  • Cash flow management. You could tie up your resources in equipment acquisitions or bank loans. Or you could lease through Computer Doctors, which allows you to pay for your equipment in low, budgeted payments while retaining your cash for investing in higher return opportunities.

  • Potential tax benefits. Certain finance structures may allow monthly payments to be treated as deductible operating expenses. Consult your tax advisor for additional details.

  • Total cost of ownership. According to IDC, organizations using leasing, rather than buying and operating PCs for an extended lifecycle, could potentially REDUCE costs by as much as 24%.

  • Need an Apple computer? Maybe a PC? Computer Doctors offers a variety of solutions.


Your business is our business. Call our team today to see how we can power it together with Fuled for Business leasing from North Bay Computer Doctors ** 



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Fixed monthly payment lease 


  • Available Payment Periods(choose at checkout) 24, 30, 36 or 48 months.

  • Interest does not accrue on a lease.

  • Monthly payment is for the use of the equipment and based in part on the original cost of the equipment, the purchase option selected, and the customer’s credit history.

  • Minimum Transaction Size of $500.

  • Late Payment Fees: The greater of i) 5% of the late payment amount or ii)$29 for each late payment ( or if less, the highest amount permitted by applicable law.)

  • Payments are fixed. Customer must make the monthly payment plus any other miscellaneous items that might be due.

  • Prepayment Policy and Fees. The lease is non-cancelable and may not be terminated early.

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