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North Bay Lan Registration


Sunday July 24th 2016 - 9AM to 5PM (doors open at 8AM for setup)


North Bay's new gaming and LAN event number one hosted by your own North Bay Computer Doctors!

We will do a vote with registered attendees to decide what PC games to play.

We would also ask that anyone attending have the games they want to play downloaded and updated before showing up as to not bog down the network and increase the amount of play time.


Some games we might play depending on the votes are:

- League of legends

- Star Craft 2

- Counter-strike Rainbow Six Siege

- Star wars Battlefront

- Sins of a Solar Empire.

- If you have a suggestion please feel free to lay it out there.

- Team Fortress 2

- Dota 2, Tribes 2

- FEAR combat,


- Half Life 2 Death match.


Registration will cost $10 and the event will be BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer). Highly suggested to bring power bar of your own. Prizing and sponsors to be announced.



Follow event updates in the Facebook group page -


Limited Seating - With only 22 seats we ask that you pre-register to claim your chair!


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