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Our Team


I am very passionate about what I do. Offering an electronic device repair service is easy. Delivering it at the peak of quality and customer service is not.

I strive to give our clients the best service and quality of anywhere in the city and I expect nothing but excellence from our team. 


My customer service motto? Added value results in added customer loyalty. That is what you will get from your Computer Doctors!



Here to help, websites and programing are my game!


I speak many languages other than english, HTML, C+, Unity and many more!


Need to create something from scratch? I'm your guy! I've held roles within Google and Adobe. I love this city and hope to stay here into my digital retirement.


Information Technology is what I love! What I love more is helping people and seeing them enjoy the work we do!


I promise to go above and beyond for any customer who seeks my consulting services and look forward to meet you!


Born and raised in North Bay, as a child I loved to play video games with my mom. My passion led me to do some research and I decided to build my first computer.


As the years went by and my knowledge and experience grew, I started working on friends and family members computers and became the family IT guy. 


Computers being my passion, I decided to make a career for myself and enrolled at CTS Canadian Career College for their Network Engineering Technologist course and graduated at the end of 2014 along with getting my CompTIA A+ IT Technician certification. 

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